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Project Euler: Programming (and Math!) Practice November 7, 2009

Posted by ddouthitt in Mathematics, Scala.
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As one who loved mathematics (and still do – I considered becoming a mathematician) – Project Euler is a beautiful place to try and get practice on new programming languages as well as mathematical principles. Project Euler provides problems that require solutions, and which are designed for less than one minute solutions using the computer. The problems also highlight a mathematical principle in their solution.

I’ve only worked on a very few problems so far, but it appears that it is quite easy to write a brute force programming algorithm for some of these problems; personally, I am attempting to find the mathematical solution as well as solving the problem in Scala. There is a nice article about one person using Scala to solve Project Euler problems.

The biggest problem in using Project Euler for learning a programming language is that Project Euler isn’t set up for multiple language users: each user is able to specify (and track) solutions in only one language – but this is not a problem really.

If you want to solve more mathematical problems (not necessarily with a computer), the MathsChallenge web site is an excellent one, and is apparently the predecessor to the Project Euler site.